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The core of the module I Certification is summarized in the 7 steps of a coaching session, the seven skills that you should develop as a coach, the main distinctions of CoachVille, the 9 Masters of the (IAC) The International Association of Coaching, and is designed to develop competition and key skills of a Coach and perfect their technique to the fullest.




-You will learn Strategic Coaching Skills and you will apply to enhance your Personal and Professional leadership.

-Learn how to lead powerful coaching sessions.

-You will improve your communication in your environment.

-You will learn and experience the 7 essential skills in a coach.

-You will learn and experience the methodology to generate customers achieve their results.

-You will learn the Masters of the IAC 9 The International Association of Coaching.

-Able to identify why some people fail results and will know how to support them to achieve them.

-You’ll have more clarity to identify the reasons why people do what they do.

-Learn the 10 most common mistakes throughout coaching session.

-Ultimately will increase the level of your coaching and you can implement it from now on you your personal and / or professional life.



Tuition $ 1,095.00 dollars




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